Meet Steph

As an organization consultant, I help people create an action plan for decluttering and rearranging their space to best support their values, routines, and intentions.

As you move through this process, I provide customized step by step instructions and in-person or remote support with:

  • gratitude, connecting to, and listening to your home
  • fostering the mindset for letting go and achieving your ideal version of minimalism
  • maintaining order in the process and tidying up through the stages of decluttering and rearranging
  • facilitating donations, recycling, compost, up-cycling and local giving
  • storing and labeling your frequent use items so that its easy to tidy away and retrieve what you use often
  • storing and labeling seasonal and occasional items
  • maintaining your ideal version of minimalism
Meet Handsome SF

Handsome SF is a service that sets up kitchens and cleaning kits with thoughtfully made and sustainable supplies. Clutter happens. I've noticed that much of it can be warded off when everyday routines are set up with quality tools and supplies that are curated to function well together. Join me on this journey toward zero waste and healthier living! Check out my offerings at and the instagram gallery @handsome_sf

home organization for people, not just stuff
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