Making Space for Self Care

The name Spesso comes from the Italian adverb for often. Spesso recognizes that there are systems to how we do what we do often, and that these conscious or subliminal routines shape the spaces we inhabit through the way we interact with them. Spesso also recognizes the vital importance of self care practices, in this day and age - for women especially.

The mission of Spesso is to support women who are ready to empower themselves with personalized, dedicated practices of self care that they can achieve in their own homes.

The vision of Spesso is a world transformed by powerful, loving, grounded and visionary women who prioritize their well being and become all the more capable to elicit the change we’re all aching for.

The values of Spesso are love, beauty, appreciation, presence, quality over quantity, uniqueness and sustainability -personal and planetary.

Stephanie Ciancio
Founder, Self Care Coach, and Systems Stylist

I’m honored to meet you here in this space where we can connect about what we yearn for and what we come home to. I’ve had quite a journey to this place - one fraught with existential/familial depression, feelings of unworthiness, codependent career failure, candida, and periodontal disease.

What I’ve learned in my journey is that there’s no way around the lessons life will throw at us to usher us toward learning the the vital skills of loving ourselves and prioritizing taking care of our minds, bodies, and souls.

I know first-hand the impulses to put others first, to throw my hands up in confusion and overwhelm from barrages of disparate advice, and to settle for both cheap and expensive retail therapy.

The great guiding loves of my life are beautiful, thoughtful design, food appreciation, environmental quality and responsibility, life skills lessons from cats, practicing consciousness through meditation, and pretending I’m getting a massage while doing yoga.

You can learn more about my professional journey here, and my adventures in organizing and nesting so hard here.

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