Genevieve's kitchen, Guided DIY

Stephanie is an incredible asset to anyone who seeks fluidity, ease, and joy in the kitchen! What makes Stephanie special is her quick, resourceful mind and her understanding of how stress, fatigue, and lack of knowledge can be the cause of avoiding the deep organization that is necessary for creating a truly transformative kitchen experience. Uniquely empathetic, yet highly practical, Stephanie is highly efficient and has developed a simple protocol for organizing kitchen items and creating elegant, enjoyable storage methods. She emphasizes a personal reflection of how one uses things in a ritualistic way, in order to customize the experience for each client: e.g., I drink freshly-ground coffee with cinnamon every day, so my beans, grinder, and spices are easy to access, but I moved my teas and teapot (which I had previously kept with the coffee in a sloppy, general "beverage" area) to a separate location for using only when I host friends.

Before Stephanie helped me organize my kitchen, my cupboards were functioning at such a low level that only the absolute necessities were accessible, and the rest was a chaotic jumble of long-forgotten canned foods and odd glasses and dish ware. A couple of my drawers were arranged decently, but many of them were under utilized and in the wrong place in the kitchen. This clutter made cooking seem unappealing and difficult, which caused me to buy a lot of unhealthy pre-made food and order a lot of expensive takeout. I always wanted to rearrange my kitchen tools, but I didn't know where to start and was daunted by amount of effort I imagined it would take. Stephanie's strategy is straightforward, well-designed, and personal. Her attention to detail and vast knowledge of brands, products, and layouts makes her work fast and seamless. After Stephanie performed her magic, my kitchen items are beautifully labeled and arranged, intuitive to use, and I have so much extra space in my cupboards that I can begin to change my diet by storing healthy bulk foods! I finally feel excited about cooking in my own kitchen and that I am ready to and capable of creating my own organizational techniques. Thank you for all of your help and support, Stephanie!

Sophia's kitchen, collaborative

I am feeling the calm of your influence in my kitchen - it's my favorite room to be in and sit in now, it's incredible how coherent space influences your emotional, mental, and physical health.

I just really enjoyed the process with you! I would've dragged my feet on cleaning my kitchen for several years more if it wasn't for you having a passion and talent for making things beautiful, efficient, and organized :)

I am loving the innards of my kitchen, I feel a lot lighter and clearheaded in my house now and everything feels cleaner. The energy of things I don't need are gone and has made room for new things. I actually broke down crying twice throwing away the supplements I don't need, not because I'll miss them but because they carried the energy of a hard time in my life for me and I'm guessing that energy of illness was seeping into my life through the supplements still being in my kitchen/home.


When Stephanie came to organize and improve the functionality of my kitchen I saw her thinking and observing my movements in the kitchen in silence. Then she asked me questions that were key in the successful results of her work.

The respect to my natural process and the improvement allow me to keep having the satisfaction of comfortably moving in my kitchen. When I have guests they quickly understand the distribution of each food and utensil.

Thank you stephanie, you’ve done an effort that will last for a long time.

home organization for people, not just stuff
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